Cocktail Tables

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About Our Cocktail Tables Rentals

Plywood Cocktail Tables

These tables can intimately seat 2 people and are commonly used at cocktail events, with or without bar stools. These tables are also most commonly used as cake, gift or side table. This table comes in two heights, 30" high (table height) or 42" high (bar height). Please note there is an extra $5.00 charge per table for 42" height.

Linen Recommendations For 30" High:
54"X54" - Will hang a quarter of the way down.
90" Round - This size of linen will hang to the floor.
30" Round (29"H) Spandex

Linen Recommendations For 42" High:
90" Round - Will hang half way down.
108" Round - This size of linen will hang to the floor.
30" Round (38"H) Spandex

We recommend covering these tables with linens as these tables are unfinished wood.

Gelato Cocktail Tables

These tables have a fibreglass body with a polished chrome footrest and base, and therefore require no linen. The height of this table is 24" in diameter and adjustable between 29" - 36" high. These tables are available black and white.

• All prices are based on a one day rate which includes pick up of the item the day before and drop off the day after the event.
• Pricing is based on a Customer pick-up/drop-off. Please refer to the Delivery Pick-up Charges for more information.