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Every customer’s needs, goals, and objectives are unique.  So our job is to listen, to understand those needs, and then develop an event plan that meets those desires.  To help us do that, we need to understand your vision for your event.   And you may be surprised, but outdoor events are often more expensive than those held at indoor facilities because of the need to create the facilities to do the things that are routinely handled at a hotel or event center.

The key elements to address early in the visioning process are budget, venue, rentals, lighting, food & beverage, decor, entertainment, and event management.

The budget is the deciding factor.  You may want to have a beach wedding but when the cost of constructing platforms in the sand is considered, it may not be realistic.  Your gala plan may be to have top-shelf wine but the sponsorships may not support it.  So, first things first, determine your budget.

Next, the venue is the most significant element of the event.  It can be a backyard, hotel, park, parking lot, estate, or event venue.  Special Event Rentals and your caterer will be your most significant partners when doing an off-site event.  Furnishings for the event can range from simple tables, chairs & linen events to a tented event with lighting, heating, caterer’s kitchen, and more. Once you have selected your event them and colors, Special Event Rentals’ selection of linen, tableware, and table style will define the look of your event.

Lighting sets the ambiance and feels of an event, whether it is intentionally planned or not.  Lighting is a special element that adds color, sets the mood, and provides uniqueness.  From colored ceilings to string lights to pin spots, lighting provides ambiance and directs the attention of your guests to the unique elements of your event design.  When it’s done well, lighting makes everything look better – including flowers, cakes, and guests!

Food and Beverage is probably the largest cost element of the event on a per-person basis.  Hors d’oeuvres, dinner, alcohol, dessert, and coffee are the basic items.  Once again, the event type determines the value that is placed in food and beverage.

Entertainment/Presentation is another driver of the event vision.  Live bands have different costs and feel to the guests than a rock DJ or string quartet.  Plus, audiovisual requirements need to be addressed for the different styles of entertainers and presentations.

Flowers & Design are the next elements to plan.  This is an area that is often flexed due to budget availability.  Depending on event type, it may not be needed at all, or it could be the signature element of the evening.  Our staff thrives on the creativity involved in customizing programs & events to our clients’ needs.  We want everything to be new and different, exciting, elegant, or outrageous – whatever your vision is!  In this industry, we are constantly battling the “seen it” phenomenon and one of our goals is to present something with enough innovation to keep people talking.  For our part, the most interesting aspect of planning is the endeavor to offer utterly novel and thoroughly enjoyable events for our clients.

Event Management is a critical factor that should not be overlooked.  Someone needs to be responsible for hiring vendors, managing logistics, and handling the tasks of running the event during the festivities.  Whether you are taking this responsibility on yourself or working with one of our experienced event planners, you will need to intentionally assign these tasks to someone in order for the event to run smoothly.

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