Linen Size Guide

Linen Size Guide

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This may be one of the most important pieces of your decor - the linen. This is where your design starts; it is the base of your masterpiece. We are sure to have what you’re looking for in just the right colour, just the right fabric, and just the right style. Because tables are different sizes, linens are different sizes. We carry a variety of sizes for round, rectangle, square and cocktail tables. Our staff is happy to work with you to help determine the best linen for the tables at your event.

Our tablecloths are available in numerous different fabrics. One Signature collection is a cotton blend with a matte finish and provides a cost-effective way to have floor-length tablecloths for all of your tables. Our Majestic, Satin and Lamour linens are available in over 30 colours, and most have corresponding napkins, chair ties, chair wraps and runners. Our Specialty line of linen is a countless selection of... well... specialty fabrics! This is a category you simply must explore! We invite you to visit our showroom to view our complete collection and test different linens to create mock-up tables so you are certain you’re getting exactly what you want.

At Special Event Rentals, product quality is of the utmost importance. By cleaning, pressing and hanging our linen right in our own processing facility, we control the quality of the product you receive. We are committed to delivering the highest calibre product to your events.

Tablecloth Size Guide

Follow our quick and easy tablecloth size guide below to find the right length of tablecloths based on the most common table sizes we rent and your preferred drop. These tablecloths are one single piece of fabric you center on the table so equivalent drops can hang over the long and short sides of the table.

floor-length drop is a length of tablecloth that hangs over the side of your table and reaches the floor.

They are used to bring elegance to higher-end events such as a wedding or classy fundraiser.

Floor Length Linen Guide

Table Size Table Cover Size
Rectangle - 4 Foot x 30 inch 90" x 132"
Rectangle - 5 Foot x 30 inch 90" x 132"
Rectangle - 6 Foot x 30 inch 90" x 132"
Rectangle - 8 Foot x 30 inch 90" x 156"
Round - 4 Foot 108" Round
Round - 5 Foot 120" Round
Round - 6 Foot 132" Round
Round - Bistro 30" Round x 30"H 90" Round
Round - Cocktail 30" Round x 42"H 120" Round
Spandex Covers


half-way short drop is a length of tablecloth that hangs over the side of your table and drops halfway to the floor

While short drops are perfect for a dining room table or home use where you can showcase quality furniture, having a short drop for formal events is not recommended. After all, the view of rented table legs could detract from your formal and beautiful aesthetic.

Half-Way Short Drop Guide

Table Size Table Cover Size
Rectangle - 4 Foot x 30 inch60 60" x 96"
Rectangle - 5 Foot x 30 inch 60" x 96"
Rectangle - 6 Foot x 30 inch 60" x 96"
Rectangle - 8 Foot x 30 inch 60" x 120"
Round - 4 Foot 90" Round
Round - 5 Foot 90" Round
Round - 6 Foot 120" Round
Round - Cocktail 30" Round x 42"H 90" Round


Visual Guide

This chart provides some basic visual information about which table linens will fit which tables.

Do you need this guide on the go? Feel free to click on the image and download the PDF version of the chart.

Now that you know all about tablecloth sizes, it’s time to find the perfect tablecloths for your big event. Rent below and get your online quote for free.

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