Design & Logistics

Special Event Rentals can help bring your vision to life by helping you design, layout, and plan your event.  We start by having a professional site review with a rental expert, and then design your event on our CAD system.  Once this step is complete, Special Event Rentals will be able to show you 3-D renderings of your event. The idea is to put creative ideas together on CAD, and then see them come to life on site. The process of site analysis, measurement, CAD design, and review helps ensure everything is set the way you want it, that it all fits on the site, provides you the security that the set-up will go exactly as planned.

Event Logistics

Event operations and logistics are where the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event.  Once the design is complete, we need to develop an install and take-down plan.  Depending on the size of the event and the location, it can be relatively simple, or intricately involved.  Some event sites have limited entry times or difficult access.  Other events have multiple truckloads of equipment and require multiple skillsets for setting up tents, electrical equipment, lighting, and heating. All these issues are dealt with by the site review and are addressed before set-up begins.  For local venues, Special Event Rentals brings expert knowledge of local sites to ensure excellent execution of the set-up plan.

*Services not offered at all locations, additional charges may apply please contact us for more information or a referral to a company that does provide this service*

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