Canopy Tents

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About Our Canopy Tents Rentals

Canopy Specifications

• All tents are white in colour.
• All of the above rates are based on a 4-day rental, including the pick-up and return dates. For example, pick up the tent on a Friday and return it on Monday. For each additional day a fee of 15% of the tent rental will be charged. This will apply to any tent being picked up early or returned late. In an event where a tent is required for seven or more days, the tent MUST be returned to us NO LATER than 12:00 noon on Thursday. If it is not returned to us by this time, you will be charged for an additional weekend (4-day rate). No All Purpose Canopy can be picked up without a valid credit card number on file.
• Canopy pricing is based on a customer pick-up/drop-off. Additional charges apply for delivery and pick-up services. Please inquire for pricing.