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Renting a tent should not be difficult. We assist in helping find the perfect tent based on the type and size of your event.

Renting Tents with
Special Event Rentals

Special Event Rentals – Edmonton is the leading source of premier tent rentals in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. With over 35 years of event rental background, we are your tent rental experts that offer the perfect tent for your event. We are very proud to be the source of tents for the most prestigious events and festivals in the province.

Our extensive inventory and selection include all sizes between a small farmer’s market pop-up tent and a Clearspan that can shelter over 1,500 people. We also have tents that you can stand on grass, cement, or asphalt.

Our experienced staff will help you select the best size and type of tents, get information on everything you need for your tent event, and solve all issues before it even happens. We are very proud to have served tens of thousands of brides, executives, and customers all over the country.

At Special Event Rentals, you will get a premier service for your tent rental needs. Whatever it is that you need – big or small, we rent tents for any event!

Type of Tents

Frame Tents

Frame tents consist of a tensioned top over a light aluminum frame. These are a favourite for intimate special events, festivals, trade shows and food services. Frame tents can be joined together to create a variety of configurations.

 • Setup in most surfaces (grass, cement, gravel, etc.)
 • No center posts
 • Perfect for events with less than 150 guests
 • Available during the winter season

Pole Tents

Pole tents are the classic wedding tent with their high peaks and tensioned curves. These tents are a spacious tension-type tent containing tall center poles every 20’ surrounded by 8’ side poles and guy straps anchored to the ground. An 8’ perimeter is required around the tent to properly anchor and secure the tent.

 • Setup requires staking (grass, dirt)
 • Tall centrepoles every 20 feet
 • Sizes available for events with 150+ guests
 • Not available during the winter season

Clearspan Tents

Clearspan tents provide a larger space than a classic frame tent or a high-peaked pole tent. These A-frame structures provide a clear open area for events and job sites. Clearspan tents are completely free of interior supports and exterior guy ropes making them a fantastic choice for any event.

 • Setup in most surfaces (grass, cement, gravel, etc.)
 • No center posts
 • Available in small 3M x 3M size and large structures with up to 2,000 guests
 • Available during the winter season

Canopy Tent

Elite Canopies are a great option for customers looking for an economical choice they can set up and take down themselves. Perfect for out-of-town events, small family gatherings and backyard barbeques, canopies provide customers with the flexibility to set up the tent on their own schedule and at any location without additional delivery fees.

 • Setup requires staking (grass, dirt)
 • Centrepoles support interior
 • Sizes available for 35-100 people

Pop-up Tent Rentals

Pop-Up Shelters are a great, economical choice for outdoor tradeshows, farmer’s markets and yard sales. These tents can quickly and easily be set up by two people in a matter of minutes.

 • Setup in most surfaces (grass, cement, gravel, etc.)
 • No center posts
 • Available only in 10ft x 10ft

Choosing a Tent Size

The most crucial part of renting a tent is choosing the right size. If it is too big, the extra space may not look great with your event layout. And if it is too small, you may not have enough room for all your guests, especially during bad weather.

The first step is to identify the maximum number of people that will be inside the tent at the same time. It includes your guests, vendors, caterers, and more.

The second step is to know the layout of your event. If it includes a table, it will require more space. But designs like a concert, where guests are only standing, will not need as much room.

Here are some of the more popular layouts:

Visual Icons for Tent Rental Seating Arrangement – Theatre, Cathedral, Banquet, and Round Table Seating

Theatre Seating – this is a linear setup of side-by-side chairs. Often used for ceremonies and presentations, theatre seating provides the maximum number of accommodation, excluding other equipment (tables, etc.)

Cathedral Seating – it is a good setup for weddings and other ceremonies. This rounded, staggered setup offers guests the best visibility while still maximizing the number of guests accommodated.

Banquet Seating – 8-foot Banquet tables fit eight adults comfortably but can accommodate ten guests when necessary. Rectangular tables are recommended instead of round tables in setups that may run tight on space.

Round Tables – a 5-foot Round table can seat 6 to 8 adults. Round table setups are aesthetically preferable for most events but require a bit more space between tables than rectangular tables.


You can look at our Tent Sizing Guide below to identify the initial size of your tent.

However, the last step is to add additional room for other equipment. 

If you plan to invite 200 guests and seat them in 5-foot round tables, your initial tent will be a 40′ x 60′ Pole Tent. But if you have dance floors, head tables, buffet tables, and DJ, you will need to adjust to the next tent up, which is the 40′ x 80′ Pole Tent.


Tent Sizing Guide

Review our tent sizing charts for each style of the tent and choose a size that will accommodate your total number of guests. You do not have to figure out the exact size you require – we will help you out with that.

If you are reading this on a mobile phone, scroll the tables to the right or read it through the Tent Sizing Photo Guide.

Frame Tents
Size Standing Cathedral 8′ Rect. Table 5′ Rnd Table
10′ x 10′ 16 14 8 to 10 8
10′ x 20′ 30 28 16 to 20 16
20′ x 20′ 66 56 32 to 40 32
20′ x 30′ 100 84 48 to 60 48
20′ x 40′ 133 112 64 to 80 64
30′ x 30′ 150 126 72 to 90 72
20′ x 60′ 300 252 144 to 180 144
17′ Hex 42 34 16 to 20 16
34′ Hex 168 146 80 to 100 80
Pole Tents
Size Standing Cathedral 8′ Rect. Table 5′ Rnd Table
40′ x 40′ 264 224 128 to 160 128
40′ x 60′ 396 336 192 to 240 192
40′ x 80′ 528 454 256 to 320 256
40′ x 100′ 664 566 320 to 400 320
40′ x 120′ 798 678 384 to 480 384
40′ x 160′ 1062 910 512 to 640 512
40′ x 180′ 1200 1022 576 to 720 576
40′ x 200′ 1332 1140 640 to 800 640
60′ x 40′ 396 336 192 to 240 192
60′ x 60′ 600 510 288 to 360 288
60′ x 80′ 798 678 384 to 480 384
60′ x 100′ 1000 854 480 to 600 480
60′ x 120′ 1200 1022 576 to 720 576
60′ x 140′ 1398 1196 672 to 840 672
60′ x 160′ 1596 1364 768 to 960 768
60′ x 180′ 1800 1540 864 to 1080 864
60′ x 200′ 1998 1708 960 to 1200 960
Clearspan Tents
Size Standing Cathedral 8′ Rect. Table 5′ Rnd Table
9M x 5M 78 62 32 to 40 32
9M x 10M 156 118 72 to 90 72
9M x 15M 240 202 112 to 140 112
9M x 20M 318 272 152 to 190 152
9M x 25M 402 342 192 to 240 192
9M x 30M 480 412 232 to 290 232
12M x 5M 102 90 48 to 60 48
12M x 10M 210 182 96 to 120 96
12M x 15M 318 272 152 to 190 152
12M x 20M 426 364 200 to 250 200
12M x 25M 534 454 256 to 320 256
12M x 30M 642 552 304 to 380 340
12M x 35M 750 644 360 to 450 360
12M x 40M 858 734 408 to 510 408
12M x 50M 1074 916 512 to 640 512
12M x 55M 1182 1008 568 to 710 568
12M x 60M 1290 1106 616 to 770 616


Clearspan tents are extendable to infinite lengths (based on availability). The sizes above are just examples but more sizes are available.

Inquire About Tent Rentals

For a more accurate quote, please provide as much information about your tent needs and event details as possible.
  • If under a company name.
  • Corporate Event, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Church Event, etc.
  • Will the tent stand on grass, cement, asphalt, etc.? If you chose "other", please specify it in the 'Additional Information' field.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 10000.
  • Can we stake the ground to secure the tent?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common tent questions we get asked:
Read the "Choosing a Tent Size" section of this web page for a detailed look at how to choose the initial size of your tent.
Ideally, it is best to inquire and reserve a few months in advance.

However, as long as the tents are still available, you can reserve it a few days before your event. Tents are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some events like - corporate gatherings or weddings book up to a year in advance. Talk to our representatives today to book a tent for your event.
We offer different ways to contact us for your rental needs. Call us at 780-435-2211 to speak to a customer service representative, send an email to info@specialeventrentals.comor come visit us at 6010 99 St NW, Edmonton.

You can also fill in the form above to provide your information and we will contact you shortly with a quote.
We deliver to cities and towns across Alberta & Saskatchewan. The delivery cost is based on distance from our location and the difficulty of setup. Please contact us for a quote.
Our standard delivery time frames are 1-3 business days before the event and, pick-up time frames are 1-2 business days after the event. We base the time frames on the availability of the event location, the dates, and the time required to set up the tents.

We will do our best to accommodate specific delivery schedule needs. Please contact us to get a more accurate time frame.
We recommend that either you or someone you trust is there to make sure we meet your requirements. Once we deliver the tent, the client is responsible for all delivered items.
Make sure that you clear and prepare the area before the delivery time and ensure there is direct access to the location for our delivery crew. Complete any landscaping or mowing beforehand and remove any obstruction.

For pickups, leave all rental items the same way our delivery staff left them.
The cost of the tent includes the setup of the tent, walls, and stakes/weights.
An administration fee of 5% (minimum $35.00) will be applied to any cancelled tent order if notice is received 45 days prior to the installation date. If cancellation notice is given between 45 and 14 days of the installation date, a 50% cancellation charge will apply and a 100% cancellation charge will apply to any cancellation within 14 days.
Yes, we definitely can. This may require a site inspection from our staff. If the tent is going on your patio or deck, please have the dimensions of the space so we can help direct you to the right size and style of tent.
Yes, you can rent a tent in the winter. While certain styles of tents can be set up in the winter, Special Event Rentals may delay installations and dismantle of all tents and structures in severe winter conditions. We will delay the setup if the weather condition is unsafe including temperatures below -15°C, winds with 30mph and stronger, or if it is snowing.

The setup area of the tent must be clear of snow for the installation of the tent and don’t forget that we rent heaters, doors and flooring to help with making your tent more comfortable.
Tents are installed by trained crew members and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The preferred method is to stake into the ground using 24”-42” metal stakes. This can be done on grass, gravel or asphalt. We can also use large concrete weights to secure the tent if staking is not an option.
All underground utilities must be located and marked prior to the installation of the tent. Therefore, we require an Alberta One-Call before all staked tent installations. This free call will ensure we do not hit any underground lines during the installation.

You can make your appointment with Alberta One-Call by phone at 1-800-242-3447 or online at Alberta One-Call only locates primary utilities and will not locate any secondary lines including septic and irrigation. Please ensure the tent location is away from any of these lines.
Permits may be required in some instances. This will depend on the municipality, type of event, and length of time the tent will be set up. We suggest you contact your local municipality to see what permits may be required.
Finding the perfect location for your tent can be tricky. You need an area large enough for the size of your tent for your guests to walk and dance, where the ground is even and not too sloped. Look for overhead obstructions including trees and power lines when choosing the site. Don’t worry if the ground has a slight slope. To put your mind at ease, take a chair and place it in several areas of your potential tent location. If you feel it is stable enough for you to sit at a table and eat dinner, then it will work for your event.
The only tents we offer that you can pick up and set up yourself are our pop-up and canopy tents.

Frame, Pole, and Clearspan tents are professional grade and require installation by our trained installers to ensure a safe installation for you and your guests.

Customer Reviews

We used SER (Special Event Rentals) for our wedding day! Rented a tent, chairs, tables, linens etc... And everything turned out perfect! Would definitely recommend to others looking for a event rental place.


Katelynn Halter
- via Google Review

Amazing selection and prices. Very friendly and helpful staff. I am renting everything I need for my wedding from special event rentals and they have been amazing to work with. Very accommodating and really know how to make everything work! It has been such a great experience working with them. I would highly recommend.


Krista Baptist
- via Google Review

Great experience the whole way through. Used them as a one stop shop for a backyard wedding and it turned out amazing. Sales team was very helpful identifying our needs and the delivery and pick up teams were great. Would recommend.


Shayne Darda
- via Google Review

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