Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Bringing a new baby into the world is a great reason to celebrate!

While parties are planned before the baby is born, while other parties are planned and are more traditional to have the baby shower after the baby is born to meet everyone. Which ever your occasion, there are items that are needed to make the event a memorable occasion. Adding your special touch through your special colour can liven up the event.

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Cupcake Stands

Special Event Rentals selection of rental cupcake stands will make any event stand out, our vast selection avaliable to rent will help fit for any event theme.

Our Cupcake Stand Collection


Linens come in a wide selection of colours and texture. Linens include everything from tablecloths and napkins, to chair coverings and floor-to-ceiling backdrops.

Our Linen Collection


You can never have enough cutlery for guests. Special Event Rentals has a vast collection of high quality cutlery collection. 

Our Cutlery Collection

Glasses, especially Wine and Champagne

Why not serve your drinks in real glassware? make it special by renting your glassware with us. No matter the type of drinks you may serve at your event, Special Event Rentals vast collection will for sure have what you are looking from a more casual event to a more formal event.

Our Glassware Collection

Drink Dispensers

Depending on the size of your special event you are hosting. Our collection of rental selection drink dispensers will help you on any size you may be hosting.

Our Drink Dispenser Collection


Depending on the type of special event that you are hosting. The collection in our rental selection tables will be help you. Tables along with chairs are a backbone to any party event.

Our Tables Collection


Chairs go hand in hand with tables. Even if you may not have tables or a formal special event, you will need seating. 

Depending on the theme that you are looking for your special event you may consider anything from folding chairs to comfortable sofas or benches

Our Chairs Collection

Let's Move The Special Event Outside

Special Event Rentals - Tent party event

Providing a tent rental means that you can still have your event outdoors, but with freedom from any struggles that may occur thanks to Mother Nature.

When it comes to decorating for your event, a tent rental can provide you with a more defined space. You can use the outdoors as your backdrop while enjoying a nicely decorated space under the tent.

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Special Event Rentals provides this list of venues and vendors for reference. Please research your chosen venue or vendor to find which best suits your event needs.

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