Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Rent For Your Birthday Party For All Ages

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a party? Whether you’ve to throw a low-key dinner party or large scale cocktail party, wow your guest with something fantastic! Birthday party planning can be tricky without the right supplies. Find all the birthday party rentals you need and guarantee fun with cotton candy, snow cone, popcorn machines, carnival games, and balloon kits at your next birthday party. Special Event Rentals also rents tents, tables, and chairs to help accommodate all your party guests. Birthday party planning is easy with all the right party rentals in one location.

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Kids Tables

Need a special area for the children to sit? Our children's table will accommodate the children. Giving the kids a special place for them to have a bit more fun!

Our Kids Tables Collection

Kids Chairs

Our Children chairs will make an exciting addition to your next party event. We have a wide selection of folding chairs with a varitey of different colours as will as a selection to add that special touch to a more formal event.

Our Children's Chair Collection 


Depending on the type of special event that you are hosting. The collection in our rental selection tables will be help you. Tables along with chairs are a backbone to any party event.

Our Table Collection


Chairs go hand in hand with tables. Even if you may not have tables or a formal special event, you will need seating. 

Depending on the theme that you are looking for your special event you may consider anything from folding chairs to comfortable sofas or benches

Our Chairs Collection

Cotton Candy Machine

Add that sweet touch of sweetness to that birthday party event with our cotton candy machine Rental! 

Your guests will love that extra touch for your special event sure.

Our Cotton Candy Machine Collection

Cotton Candy Supplies

Popcorn Machine

You can't go wrong with our rental popcorn machines. Special Event Rentals offer a variety of popcorn machine options to fit your needs, from the tabletop option to full size commercial machines.

Our Popcorn Machine Collection

Popcorn Machine Supplies

Carnival Games

Special Event Rentals has a large selection of carnival games rentals in all sorts of styles and skill levels. Everything from dunk tank rentals, to plinko, tug of war and many more options! 

Our selection of games to rent for your birthday party will be a sure in to have your guests having a great party event!

Our Carnival Games Collection

Looking To Move The Party Outdoors

Providing a tent rental means that you can still have your event outdoors, but with freedom from any struggles that may occur thanks to Mother Nature.

When it comes to decorating for your event, a tent rental can provide you with a more defined space. You can use the outdoors as your backdrop while enjoying a nicely decorated space under the tent.

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Special Event Rentals provides this list of venues and vendors for reference. Please research your chosen venue or vendor to find which best suits your event needs.

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